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Cinch Couture: Pouchless Tummy Wrap

Cinch Couture: Pouchless Tummy Wrap

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Cinch Couture: Pouchless Tummy Wrap - #1 Choice By Doctors

Cinch is the wrap that does it all. It is the only fully adjustable wrap that truly focuses on the stomach, hips and back. Doctors and Midwives approve of its functions and comfort. Celebrities favor for its beauty and style. With just one wrap, Cinch is there for you. 

Product Description

Fabric: Rayon/Cotton, 2% Spandex, Anion technology


Features Cinch™, Power Mesh™, Safety Knet™, Rolls Control™ and Cinch Tension Control .

* It is ideal for moms with Toddlers who is beyond the first stage of recovery and into her 3-6 months and beyond .

* Natural/C-Section .

* Post-Surgery Support .

* Pouchless .

* For moms with toddlers

Size Chart:

  • XS-M can expand to 38", and

  • L-XL can expand to 48"




Product Details

Step 1: Lay The Cinch on a flat surface. Size your current waistline with the front Velcro straps. Top edge of straps need to be placed right below the seem for smooth look under your clothing.

HINT: *Every time you shrink a size, make sure to re-size the front Velcro straps first before you zipup and tighten with elastic wings.

Step 2: Stand up, breath in a little, connect the zipper on the right hand side and zip up.

Step 3: Center The Cinch. Use both hands to hold and stretch the elastic wings and fasten the Velcro in the back.

HINT: *To avoid rolling, do not over-stretch the Velcro straps.

Step 4: Smooth down the front panel and Velcro it down.


cinch pouchless tummy wrap - how to

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