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BellyBelt Combo

BellyBelt Combo

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Fertile Mind - BellyBelt Combo

GREAT VALUE. Belly Belt is the only solution that offers a COMPLETE kit, with all you need to turn button fastening AND slide fastening pants & jeans into maternity wear. Belly Belt keeps you covered with THREE panels in denim, black and white to coordinate with your wardrobe.

  • BellyBelt now offers even more choice for Mums-to-be.
  • Ideal for jeans and casual wear, and also offers slide belts to extend your working wardrobe of trousers and skirts.
  • Each kit contains all you need to wear most types of pants and skirts.
  • Strong quality elastic means BellyBelt offers just the right resistance.
  • Environmentally conscious - get maximum use from garments you already have.

You’ve got a wardrobe full of great clothes, why limit yourself? bellybelt gives you the option to create the maternity outfit of your choice. Simply button it into your regular trousers, jeans, skirts and shorts and add a fabulous top. Double your options with bellybelt slide, specially designed for slide-fastening trousers and skirts. each kit contains

  • 3 bellybelt extension panels
  • 3 colored panels to mix & match
  • storage bag to keep it all together
BellyBelt Combo is the easy and inexpensive way to transform your favourite jeans, trousers, skirts and shorts into maternity wear.

Each kit contains two different size button up belts, two different size slide belts and three fabric panels (white, denim, black) that cover the gap. It's truly the maternity wear solution!

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